Thursday, 21 June 2007

Vernazza, Italy

Memories of a wonderful holiday in northern Italy last spring.
I'm testing out a new painting method inspired by Janice Ykema's ( paint-ink-then wash method. Thanks Janice!
(Acrylics and india ink wash on Arches cp – 26cm x 18.5cm)
Click on the image to enlarge.


Ammon said...

I like the grainy look. Are the dark spots part of the inking?

richard said...

Hi Ammon,

Yes, the ink has soaked into all the areas that weren't painted, including the small depressions formed by the rough texture of the cold press paper I used.


Ammon said...

That is interesting. It looks good. Thanks- A

Janice said...

I like it Richard! :)

Ellis Nadler said...

I was there a year ago..good memories